Data Annotation will play a crucial role in enhancing AI applications in healthcare and autonomous driving. Therefore, ensuring the quality of processed data is crucial for an AI model. When outsourcing data annotation companies, the output is guaranteed in terms of both timeline and quality within a specified time frame. Here is the production process at Beework to ensure customers always receive the best quality products:

  1. The recruitment and training process for human resources on projects is closely monitored to ensure the best quality output.
  2. Experienced project managers can conduct training sessions to develop human resources well.
  3. The product before submitted through a three-step quality check process with an accuracy rate of up to 99% before delivery.
  4. Low employee turnover rate due to strict recruitment, training, and management processes. This helps the team of experts gain a deep understanding and meet customer needs.
  5. Stable in-house human resources and ready for crowdsourcing when expanding project scales with high recruitment experience.
  6. Flexible organization of human resources supplies standards to optimize processes and minimize project completion time.
  7. Multi-level information security working process, constantly reinforced with 24/7 monitoring and security system.

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