About Us

Get to know the story & vision of building up Beework.ai 

Our Story

Understanding the issue of data quality management and rapidly changing team scale management while maintaining the high performance of many companies, Beework.ai was established with the great efforts of the founders in providing uniquely high-quality data solutions.

Originated from a multi-service supply agency, in which data service is one of the key pushes, we soon built up specialized teams with excellent skill sets and developed a close partnership with workers from almost every continent.

We take great pride in the capability of managing talent resources, with successful standardized processes of Recruiting – Training – Executing – Business Continuity Planning. Beework.ai commits to providing the best working teams with the highest quality services that satisfy all your needs.

The name “Beework” is derived from our founders’ efforts to build up hard-working teams with high-quality workers, just like a swarm of bees that works so hard to gain the best results for their hives. We aim to constantly innovate the working process and bring the best solutions to our customers while maintaining the professional workstyle of the workers.

“Acting as part of the customer instead of making a lot of sales”

Our Vision

We aim to satisfy business’s data needs, make data services a trivial concern and become a crucial part of AI development progress.

Our Mission

Our customers are supplied with the most valuable services, by the most efficient teams, with the most innovative working process

CORE values

  • Lifelong Experience
  • Stable Talent Capacity
  • Information Security
  • Social Responsibility