An inevitable factor in managing a Data Annotation team is sudden fluctuations in scale. This issue is particularly common for AI data solution companies. Most AI data solution companies have an in-house Annotation Team in their home country or in countries with lower labor costs such as India, the Philippines, Pakistan, and Vietnam.

However, at times when the in-house annotation team is overwhelmed, the AI data solution company will need to quickly scale up to meet a new project, new customer, or simply catch up on delayed projects. The company will be faced with several options:

  • Scaling up
  • Maintaining the current scale and accepting missed opportunities
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Outsourcing

Regardless of the chosen option, the company will have to deal with constant fluctuations in scale and retain a high-performing team. This requires reasonable Business continuity planning.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is a plan to ensure uninterrupted business operations. In any business activity, BCP is essential in cases of sudden risks, helping the enterprise minimize the impact on its operations, and maintaining assurance for the business, personnel, customers, and partners.

Business Continuity Planning

In general, companies want to maintain a fixed number of employees to facilitate management and ensure the professionalism of the staff. However, in the AI data solution industry, changes in the number and scale of projects are inevitable. The stability of employees can lead to shortages or surpluses in various projects. This can cause damage to businesses, resulting in lost revenue, increased costs, decreased profitability, and even impacting other departments. Companies must change their strategies to optimize the completion of projects to meet the changing demands.

Therefore, building a BCP for the Data Annotation team of AI data solution companies is necessary. Companies cannot constantly hire and train employees as the workload increases and then cut staff when the project scale decreases. Instead of having to focus on stabilizing employees, outsourcing is an optimal solution for AI data solution companies.

Third-party providers of outsourcing data services provide a professional workforce, including trained and evaluated data processing experts, helping AI data solution companies ensure process and data quality to meet output requirements for projects. Only professional data annotators can meet the demand and provide a consistent workforce size that matches the size of the ongoing project. is proud to be one of the reputable data labeling service companies with quality always placed on top. Contact us today to discuss and receive the most satisfactory price.